Eliminate delivery fraud through the entire supply chain.

In with profit. Out with fraud. Delivery fraud is now an avoidable headache. Stop it before it ever happens with our predictive mitigation engine—utilizing your historical data to identify potential fraud risk at the user’s point of purchase.


AI powered predictive mitigation engine.

Designed to utilize historic delivery data to uncover potential delivery fraud at the point of purchase, so you can avoid the head-ache before it happens.

Save Money

Save on shipping, chargeback fees, and lost sales—before they happen.

Save Time

Spend less time processing returns and more time generating new business.

Gain Insights

Easily view and manage purchase data to gain meaningful insights that drive informed business decisions.

Stop wasting time and money processing fraudulent orders and returns.

There’s over $7B in delivery fraud every year—and rising. Connect your e-commerce platform to Deliverlitics, so you can tap into millions of lines of shipment and delivery claim data – quick. Identify and act on fraudulent transactions before they even happen.

Trustworthy, thorough algorithm

Our AI data analytics engine applies complex regressions analysis against a multitude of data sources to predict delivery fraud based on user and address claim history.

Simple, actionable output

The Deliverlitics engine utilizes a simple scoring model to give you an actionable understanding of the risk associated with shipping to each consumer.

Modern interface

A modern platform built from the ground up, Deliverlitics’ front-end is simple and easy to use, making on-boarding a breeze. With data provided from other merchants, carriers and insurers, get the full picture on your potential customers, and identify bad actors before shipping.

How it works

Potential savings:

Experience savings across the entire supply chain.

Merchant Costs

Leverage historical data and predictive analytics to flag addresses that could be associated with fraudulent transactions.

Carrier costs

Save money on shipping costs and get back time that would’ve been spent on merchant claim research and management.

Insurers cost

Utilize real-time visibility into the shipping and delivery, avoiding the headache of claims management and payouts.

Law enforcement

Avoid the hassle of opening investigations, plus the time spent on fielding and managing complaints.

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