Final Mile Risk Scoring API

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reduce package loss

There’s over $10B in lost packages every year — and rising.
With Deliverlitics, you can tap into past shipment and delivery claim data – quick. Identify and take necessary precautions on risky transactions before they happen.
Stop letting your customer service experience suffer from preventable Item Not Received (INR) claims.

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One predictive engine to
identify delivery risk

40 billion data points of historical delivery data to help uncover potential delivery fraud at the point of purchase, so you can avoid the headache before it happens.

Improve Customer Experience

Delight your customers with the best delivery experience.

Save Time

Spend less time processing claims and more time generating new business.

Gain Insights

Easily view and manage purchase data to gain meaningful insights that drive informed business decisions.


thorough algorithm

Our engine applies machine learning models to analyze and predict higher risk deliveries based on address-specific information.

actionable insights

The Deliverlitics engine utilizes a simple scoring model to give you an actionable understanding of the risk associated with shipping to each consumer.

Modern interface

A modern platform built from the ground up, Deliverlitics’ front-end is simple and easy to use, making onboarding a breeze. Use our real-time risk map to get the full picture on your potential customers, and identify bad actors before shipping.


Potential savings

According to industry data, for every INR claim, merchants incur expenses equivalent to more than 200% of the item's original value.

By utilizing Deliverlitics’ powerful insights, you’ll experience significant savings by stopping delivery fraud before it happens.

Merchant Costs:

Leverage relevant data and predictive analytics to flag addresses that are likely to submit an “Item not received” claim.

Carrier Costs:

Save money on shipping costs and get back time that would’ve been spent on merchant claim research and management

Insurer Costs:

Utilize real-time visibility into the shipping and delivery, avoiding the headache of claims management and payouts.

Law Enforcement:

Avoid the hassle of opening investigations, plus the time spent on fielding and managing complaints.

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